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Golden Horseshoe Detector Sales welcomes all calls to personally assist you. If you are not sure what type of metal detector is right for you...ask yourself two questions; How much do you want to spend? and What type of detecting do you want to do?  This will help narrow down your search prospects.

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To purchase any of the items on our website or if you have any
questions about metal detectors contact us at:

    Phone:  (905) 979-1137

Please Note:  There is NO on-site store...Internet Sales Only!

Returns Policy:  All Sales Are Final unless your detector has a problem right out of the box, otherwise warranty is with the manufacturer.  In general, metal detector breakdowns are quite rare in nature. 

Golden Horseshoe Detector Sales is a Canadian Metal Detector Dealer located in Ontario that only supplies first quality metal detectors and accessory brands. We will recommend the best detector that will match your needs and abilities. How do you order? Click on the "CONTACT US" Tab. Please Note: THERE IS NO ON-SITE STORE...INTERNET SALES ONLY!

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