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Last Update - April 25, 2017
  • Garrett ProPointers - Propointer II and Propointer AT
  • Arrived - Makro Racer 2!  This is an interesting Detector to purchase for the first time or to add to your collection.
  • Arrived - White's MXSPORT Detector (Waterproof to 10 feet) - See White's Tab for Information
  • Arrived - Garrett is introducing the Ace 200i, Ace 300i and the Ace 400i
  • Tesoro - Introducing the Black Version (In Stock Now) for the Vaquero, Cibola and Tejon - they come with an 11" x 8" searchcoil...very slick look in black!
  • Garrett - New AT Gold Bonus Item(s) (While Quantities Last)...see below!
  • Garrett ATX - 2 new larger searchcoils 11" x 13" in either DD or MONO configuration
  • Garrett Announcement - MasterSound Headphones are on board to be upgraded - There is no ETA on the timeframe for this yet
  • Garrett has discontinued the Black Universal Soft Case Detector Bag but the CAMO Variety Detector Bag is still available
  • Fisher F2, F5 and F70 Series are being discontinued at the end of March 31, 2017
  • Fisher F75 and F75 Coil Combo will be discontinued
  • Fisher new addition...F75 Gold Edition
  • White's - Discontinued detectors - Beach Hunter 300, Coinmaster PRO, MX5, DFX, PRL-1, MXT 950, MXT All Pro 950, GoldMaster GMZ, Prism 5G, TDI Pro Pulse Scan

Built on the cutting-edge RACER technology, the RACER 2 by MAKRO Metal Detectors is boosted with all
the features usersneed for finding more coins, relics and jewelry.

RACER 2 will once again fascinate all current and new RACER users with its extraordinary performance
and new features such as Notch Filter, Iron Audio, Tone Break, iSAT (Intelligent Self-Adjusting Threshold),
advanced discrimination ability as well as its new DEEP mode and waterproof search coil.

   Key Features...
  • Coin and Relic Shooting
  • High Performance and Unmatch Depth
  • 4 x AA Alkaline Batter
  • Easy to use single menu design and vibration
  • Advanced Discrimination Ability
  • Operating Frequency 14 KHz
  • Ground Balance with 3 options
  • Professional Design and Super Quality
  • Length 47" to 55" Adjustable
  • Magnetic Mineralization Indicator
  • Pinpoint and Depth Indicator
  • Weight 3 lbs. (includes Coil and Batteries
  • Shows Mineralization intensity of the ground
  • Optional 2.4 GHz Wireless HP
  • Long Battery Life
  • 2 Year Warranty
Standard Package - $980 PRO-Package - $1,243
1.  RC 29V DD Search Coil (11" x 7") and Coil Cover
2.  Headphones
3.  4 x AA Alkaline Batteries
4.  User Manual and Warranty Certificate

1.  RC 29 V DD Serach Coil (11" x 7") and Coil Cover
2.  RC13E DD Coil (5") and Coil Cover
3.  Carry Bag
4.  Headphones
5.  Rain Covers
6.  AC and Car Charger - 4x AA Rechargeable Batteries
7.  Extra Lower Shaft
8.  User Manual and Warranty Certificate

White's MXSPORT Detector
Waterproof to 10 feet

Garrett...the NEW ACE 200/200i, 300/300i and 400/400i Series have arrived
Garrett 200i, 300i and 400i - ("i" respresenting international model - Canadian Version).  USA version is 200, 300 and 400.

The 200/200i replaces the Garrett ACE 150 model
New features:  Digital VDI/Target ID, a new audio response and shaft locks.  Coil size 6.5x9 ACE PROformance coil.  Standard Package:  Detector Only. 
PRICE $223

The 300/300i replaces the Garrett ACE 250 model
New features:  Coil size 7x10 ACE PROformance coil, higher frequency of 8kHz vs ACe 250 version at 6.5kHz, Digital VDI/Target ID, extended discrimination range, Frequency Adjust, a new audio response and shaft locks.  Standard Package:  Detector, coil cover, headphones, a new control box cover (ACE Environmental...Garrett says this will protect from rain). 
PRICE $334

The 400/400i replaces the Garrett ACE 350/Euro ACE models
New features:  Higher Frequency of 10kHz, digital VDI/Target ID, extended discrimination range, iron audio feature, frequency adjust, a new audio response and shaft locks.  Coil size 8.5x11 ACE DD same as previous ACE 350/Euro ACE.  Standard Package:  Detector, coil cover, a new control box cover (ACE Environmental) and ClearSound Easy Headphones. 
PRICE $446

In Stock Now
New - Tesoro Cibola, Vaquero and Tejon Detectors with BLACK shaft and an 11" x 8" searchcoil

  Introducing "The F75 Limited Edition Bundle"

The F75 Limited Edition has more versatility with greater depth, better target separation and audio features that will open up your iron-infested sites:
  • This detector has the ability to activate and deactivate DST Mode (Digital Shielding Technology) for the ultimate in EMI Suppression
  • The FA process (Fast Retune) improves target separation
  • The three new levels of FeTone® -iron audio off, low or medium (compliments existing "High" setting)
  • Adjustable audio pitch now in the discrimation mode
  • Embedded serial number (serialization is now stored electonically)
The F75 Limited Edition is a multi-purpose high performance computerized metal detector for coin shooting, relic hunting, beach hunting and gold prospecting.  It is lightweight and well balanced at 3.5 lbs.
                                The F75 Limited Edition Bundle Package comes with:
  • Fisher Battery Charger Kit
  • Fisher Camo Hat
  • Fisher Camo Recovery Pouch
  • Fisher Camo Back Pack
  • 5" DD Search Coil
  • 5" Coil Cover
  • 11" Coil Cover

F19 LTD in Camo!

F19 LTD is available in
Classic Green Camo (F19LTD) and for the ladies a Pink Camo (P19LTD-P) Version

This is a high performance coin/relic detector that comes with a standard 10" x 5" DD coil
and at 19 kHz operating frequency for the best relic detector ever! 

F19 LTD Bundle Package Available
(Includes:  Fisher Camo Recovery Pouch, Fisher Camo Back Pack, Fisher Camo Cap, Control Box Rain Cover, Coil Cover)


  • Fe-Tone™, Adjustable Iron Audio
  • Enhanced V-Break™, Tone Discrimination System
  • Notch Window with Adjustable Notch Width
  • Backlit Display (Backlight)
  • Computerized GROUNDGRAB®, One Touch Ground Balance with Manual Override
  • Unmatched Target Separation in Iron and Trash
  • Continuous Ground Condition Readout:  Ground Phase value indicated type of mineralization Fe3O4 graphic indicated amount of mineralization
  • Ground Balance all the way to salt
  • Static All Metal Pinpoint with Depth Indicator
  • 18 kHz Operating Frequency
  • Ultra-Lightweight only 2.5 lbs. (1.1 kg)
Accessories Available:

5COIL-FSF - 5" DD Round Coil
10COILDD-FRL - 10" x 5" DD Elliptical Coil
11COIL-FSF - 11" DD Oval Coil
RAINCOV-GB - Rain Hood


Garrett ATX™
Detector that features advanced pulse induction technology.

Garrett ATX - $2,779  Garrett ATX Deep-Seeker Package - $3,336


(While Quantities Last)


The ATX™ is ideal for gold prospecting, relic hunting (in mineralized soils), shallow water coin and jewellery hunting!

The ATX™ has multi-frequencies, used in all terrains and suitable for extreme conditions (highly mineralized ground, saltwater etc).  Locates tiny gold nuggets that other PI Detectors miss.  The ATX™ collapses to less than 20" (great for travelling and storage).  The standard search coil on the ATX™ is a 10" x 12" PROformance™ DD with an innovative new design (can be locked in 90° orientations to scan embankments or walls).  The stem of the detector can be operated with its stem fully extended, fully collapsed or anywhere in between (versatility is the name of the game).  The ATX™ has a 2 year warranty, length is 20" to 68", weight is 6.9 lbs. and takes 8 AA batteries (included with detector).

See our Garrett tab for additional information on this detector!

With the purchase of an Garrett AT Pro International Metal Detector
with an 8.5" x 11" Searchcoil and great bonus packages!!!

Bonus Items:  (While Quantities Last)
    1.  AT PRO  - $780.00
    Camo Hat, Coil Cover and Camo Treasure Pouch

Coil Cover, Camo Treasure Pouch, AT Pro Camo Hat and Garrett Propointer

    3.  AT PRO Coil Combo - $891.00
    Standard 5" x 8" DD Coil + Coil Cover, 8.5" x 11" DD Coil + Coil Cover, Garrett 50th Anniversary Hat


With the purchase of an AT Gold Metal Detector with a 5" x 8" Searchcoil
you have various choices of great bonus packages!!!
Bonus Items:  (While Quantities Last)

    1.  AT Gold - $891.00
10" Backpacker Gold Pan

    2.  AT Gold Prospector Package - $947.00
     Coil Cover, Garrett Standard Gold Panning Kit, Garrett Book - "How To Find Gold With A Metal Detector"

What the Bonus Items Look Like
(Note:  You do not get all of the bonus items below...please refer to the above package descriptions)
AT Pro Hat Garret 50th Anniversary Hat Camo Treasure Pouch Garrett Book
"How to Find Gold With A Metal Detector"
5" x 8" DD Coil Cover 5" x 8" DD Coil 8.5" x 11" DD Coil 8.5" x 11" DD Coil Cover
Garrett Standard Gold Panning Kit 10" Gold Pan    

                  Bonus Items:  While Quantities Last
1.  ACE 250 ProPointer II Special - $369.00
Bonus Items:  Coil Cover, Treasure Sound Headphones and Garrett Pro-Pointer  (For image pictures...see Prices At A Glace Tab)
2.  ACE 250 Deluxe Sports Package - $390.00
Bonus Items:  Garrett All-Purpose Backpack, Ace Series Environmental Rain Cover, Treasure Sound Headphones, Booklet - How To Find Lost Treasure (Field Guide)

With the purchase of a Garrett Euro Ace you will receive the following
NOW STANDARD BONUS ITEMS with the purchase of the Garrett Euro Ace
All-Purpose Back Pack, Ace Series Enviromental Rain Cover, Clearsound Headphones and Instructional DVD



Garrett PRO-Pointer II

New Enhancement Features on the Garrett PRO-Pointer II
Lost pinpointer alarm, Auto-off feature, Lanyard Attachment Clip,Increase Durability and Sensitivity
and Faster retuning capability

Garrett Pro-Pointer AT
Waterproof to 10' Feet
(for further the Garrett Tab)


Garrett Camo Treasure Pouch
Attachment Accessories and coinage are not included.
Images show versatility, easy accessibility and the ability to accommodate other accessories at your finger tips.